einfall: beyond spontaneity

16 September – 4 October

Eighteen Masters students at the Royal College of Art’s prestigious School of Applied Arts have been invited to make new work in response to the Freud Museum in London. Through installation, sculpture and performance, the artists challenge conventions of ceramics and glass practice, revealing highly personal and original visual responses to the rich material embodied in the museum.  

The Freudian concept of Freier Einfall, or free association, relates to notions and ideas that arise spontaneously in the mind, apparently unrelated to a person’s conscious thoughts, but which may have a hidden, unconscious significance. This idea is central to psychoanalysis, the idea that even the most trivial thoughts are deeply meaningful in an analytical context.  

In and around the Freud Museum this September, relationships occur in mental leaps and unlikely linkages, objects and apparitions appear, placed innocuously within the rooms, yet drawn from the psyche.

Students have examined and interpreted aspects of the home of Sigmund and Anna Freud. Their lives, practice, writings, and extraordinary collection of artwork and artefacts, including a considerable amount of historic ceramic and glass pieces, have all informed this exhibition. 





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